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Ahhhh... another day of these "heroes" invading your home, disturbing the peace. Just because you are a big, ferocious minotaur, doesn't mean you can't have a nice home and family too! In this wave-based survival game, keep these heroic invaders out of your home and away from your gold. But beware, as Mrs. Minotaur doesn't like having blood splattered on her nice furniture...

Live, Labyrinth, Love was made by four Michigan State University game development minor students for MI 445, based around the theme "You are the monster"!

Our Team:

Designer, Programmer - Marshall Gaines

Lead Programmer, 3D Modeler, Designer - Chase Hawley

Designer - Drew Cook   

Artist - Nikolas Galaitsis

A House Ribeye Production

External Assets - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hjF16_vHnIOK2gVRFAn3M7-Dk3aR4PPRf2ru6R-PvR8/...


LiveLabyrinthLove-v1.1.zip 75 MB
LiveLabyrinthLove-v1.1-MacOS.app.zip 84 MB

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