Illusionbox 45 is a 3D puzzle game made by Drew Cook in Unity3D for MI 231 at MSU.

Defy reality and collect the jewel in 45 seconds to win!


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Alas, the game doesn't seem to work for me!

On the initial "controls" screen, I see the instruction to press "w", and I do so--and nothing happens. Eventually the prompt to press "w" comes up again, and so on.

That's odd, I haven't heard of this happening before... For the most common issues I've seen (low frame rate, buggy controls, etc.), most people were able to fix it by playing in a different browser. I know that Microsoft Edge seems to work more often than Chrome. Also, I'm not sure if this issue would extend to as well, but in the Unity editor you sometimes have to click the screen for the game to detect any input from keys, so you may want to try that. Hopefully this fixes the issue!

Nope, I'm afraid that clicking on the window doesn't seem to help. (I imagine that I did that when first I played, but I checked just a moment ago in order to be on the safe side.)

As to browsers, I'm using Firefox--I haven't tried the game in another browser.

For what it's worth, other Unity games have worked for me, as I recall--but then, that doesn't always mean much.